Consulting and Coaching

Based on your specific priorities and goals, a solution set ranging from targeted high impact initiatives to institutionalised implementation of an 'end to end' sales methodology, adapted to your business segment, designed to drive superior sales and retention performance through competitive differentiation.


Re-shaping Foundations for Success

Providing insights and recommendations for your client origination strategy, coverage model design, client profiling, client segmentation, 'go to market' differentiation, client engagement impact, sales effectiveness, talent and competency.

End to End’ Sales Methodology Coaching

Underpinning the Art with the Science. Coaching workshops and methodology implementation focusing on differentiating across the client journey from segmentation, engaging with deeper discovery, leveraging stronger client connectivity, client strategy planning, competitor counterstrategies, creating 'client specific' value.

Go to Market/Pitch Book Messaging

Designing ‘pitch book' messaging that talks to your most attractive client segments, to the client's priorities and goals, their segment buying behaviour, your competitive differentiation and areas of value creation.

Client Strategy Review and Pitch Coaching

Co-creating a consistently executed rigorous framework for reviewing client strategies, deal opportunities and redefining your strategy and pitch, recognising each client’s priorities, goals and expectations are unique and their perception of your competitors may be different.

Sales Leadership Coaching

Helping sales leaders with their vision and strategic thinking, evolving their coaching style with their team, broadening their thinking beyond the sales world to help them become more effective in their own organisations C-suite, and in a senior coverage capacity with clients.

Sales Enablement Toolkit

Generating compelling content, offering unique insights to drive the client dialogue, maintaining competitor analysis to feed client strategies, decision support analytics to focus priorities, and re-designing internal processes to enhance the client experience.