With over 35 years in sales, 25 years leading 100+ FTE teams of sales and relationship management professionals across multiple geographies and cultures in the Corporate, Institutional and Wealth Management segments, managing multi-million $, long term relationships in a complex sales cycle.

In 2018 I left the corporate environment to pursue my work passion for sales and Relationship Management excellence. My consulting and coaching focuses on embedding an end to end sales methodology as a source of competitive advantage, differentiating your people in the eyes of your clients by enhancing their strategic selling and relationship management skills, enabling them to deliver superior results.



Starting my sales career in 1985 in the business information sector, I moved to institutional banking and asset servicing in the early 90's.

For over 20 years I held senior sales leadership positions with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) including 13 years as Global Head, Sales and Relationship Management for the bank's asset servicing business, followed by 3 years as Head, Sales and Relationship Management for the bank's international wealth management business.

I gained broad business insight having been a long-term member of Global and Local Operating Committees and serving on subsidiary boards in the UK, Continental Europe and Australia.


Over a 20 year period, I created, evolved and embedded an end to end methodology as the teams operating model and DNA, ensuring consistent execution across the globe.

We significantly increased our win ratios, managed stellar client retention levels, created a powerful client culture and enjoyed very strong employee retention and satisfaction. Clients also recognised this approach; in industry surveys we were frequently top ranked by clients for the quality of our Relationship Management and Client Satisfaction.

To date I have coached more than 750 professionals across 15 markets with many confirming the major impact it had on their sales and relationship management approach, competence and ultimately results.