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Matthew W, Head of Institutional, EMEA

“Tony has combined the art and science of sales methodology into a transformational programme to improve client value. His workshops are thought provoking, interactive and brings out the best in a high performance team culture”

Martyn G, CEO, UK

“Terrific to see such positive feedback from everyone attending our group sessions in the UK!”

Paul H, Head of Asset Managers Institutional Sales, Europe

“Tony’s methodology is a game changer. It turns traditional sales techniques on its head and arms all components of the organisations front line with a winning formula.“

Mark E, Head of Strategic Partnerships, UK

“The best sales coaching I’ve had in over 20 years.”

Michele Q, Head of Italy, Milan

"It wasn’t a training course but a transformational way to thinking, planning and executing a business process. The breadth and depth of discussed topics is so wide and interconnected to provide with a tangible and ready for use guidance to sales team. The content is our new ‘Bible"

Peter M, Global Client Executive, Ireland

“Innovative and thought provoking, Tony’s approach has enabled me to ensure a level of focus directly connected to the strategic priorities of key clients, deepening relationships and opening additional opportunities.”

Laura B, Sales Manager, Italy

“This enriching experience has been a revolutionary one! I am willing to apply this transformational approach as soon as possible. High-impact, captivating and enjoyable all at the same time.”

Javier V, Head of Iberia, Spain

“This program challenges the old way of interacting with clients and provides a different perspective and methodology to be successful with them nowadays.”

Ilias G, Managing Director, Luxembourg

"We are currently working with Tony on a transformational evolution of our international coverage teams. When you combine Tony’s overall experience from his previous global positions to his passion for sales and RM methodology including his client behavioural expertise and last but not least to his listening and analytical skills you get a unique coaching output. This output has been instrumental in shaping a personalised commercial methodology that is helping me evolve my teams and my model for succeeding with my clients. Tony’s interpersonal and coaching skills are parts of what we find unique about him.

I think of Tony and his contribution to my global teams as a catalyst for succeeding in my role."

Stuart R, Executive VP, Toronto

"Tony’s courage to challenge existing sales practices and bring fresh perspectives has greatly benefited our business. Not only has it led to stronger client relationships, it has also built a renewed sense of excitement across our business as RM’s have leaned in with passion to Tony’s approach.

I also greatly appreciated the science to the approach as it enabled everyone to improve their approach, and has built sustainability into what we do"

Ross J, Managing Director, UK

"Tony’s impact on our business has been profound and will be long lasting. With his depth of experience in sales he brought fresh perspectives and insight to a business and industry that is often guilty of not challenging conventional practices. In addition, he introduced a disciplined and market leading sales methodology that gave our Sales and Relationship Management team an alternative source of differentiation and advantage over our competition. I am near certain that Tony doesn’t realise the full extent of the positive impact he has made!"

Kevin O, Managing Director, Ireland

"It is hard to put into words the impact that Tony's leadership and coaching had on me over the years, both from a professional and personal perspective. Tony opened my eyes to a new way of thinking around sales.

Tony added science to the sales process while at the same time it gave me the flexibility to apply my own art/personality to the process. The Methodology was a genuine “ah ha” moment for me. It helped bring my selling ability to a whole new level, develop my sales craft and be recognised as a real Sales Professional. My client relationships became more meaningful, dialogue at the C suite became more relevant, relationships were more profitable and my ability to manage numerous complex deals became more efficient. The Methodology was truly a life changing experience for me."

Amara LC, Partner, Toronto

"The impact of Tony’s sales and relationship management coaching is a true differentiator.

It becomes part of your DNA and natural approach to thinking through how to approach increasing your wallet share in a complex relationship and/or positioning you best for net new business.

His approach forces you to think strategically through every step in the sale cycle, leading to excellent relationship building and sales prospecting with proven successful close ratios.

The difference his coaching has made in my career is monumental. The relationships I have built with clients over the years to be a trusted advisor, is a testament to his process."

Sherry LG, VP Toronto

"Tony is a sales guru like no other. Once I learned his unique, proven, turn key sales and client service methodology, it became part my DNA and elevated my game across the entire sales cycle. I use part of the process every single day.

The multi -faceted approach to sales includes best practices from origination, and deal management to understanding the political landscape and creating crystal clear, inimitable, client-centric value propositions.

Following Tony’s methods differentiates an organization from a simple sales and service approach to a high performing, efficient, profitable, value driven organization that ensures success for both clients and employees."

Mike R, Managing Director, Hong Kong

"It's unlike any sales methodology I have experienced in my 24 years... In the past, I attended sessions that were mostly focused on interpersonal skills and how to close a sale..., there was intense product training. This, however puts the best of all sales ideology and training in a single, continuous thought process that will differentiate us from the competition. It has made me more confident to dig deeper to understand what clients value instead of relying on talking about us and guessing what products they need.”

Brent R, Managing Director, Canada

"Working with Tony I learned how to truly take a professional approach to selling. Understanding the science behind what most feel is an art form. From defining the universe to building relationships with prospects and moving from “selling a product solution” to becoming a trusted advisor. How to understand a client’s drivers and building a customized value propositions. His coaching and leadership style help to build a motivated and engaged approach through the way that he challenges traditional thinking and makes it fun"